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Professional Shibari / Kinbaku Riggers, Photographers & Models

Are you looking for a rope professional?

Jade Rope is populating this section of our site as a booking resource for riggers, photographers and models specialising in Shibari and Kinbaku.

Riggers, Nawashi, and Rope Bondage Masters

We have expereinced riggers avialable for performances or photoshots based in a number of locations around the United Kingdom. They all possess a range of experience in rope based bondage and will happily work with you to create the look you are seeking.

Commercial Shibari Photographers

More information on experienced shibari / kinbaku photographers.

Professional Photographers Available for TFCD Shoots

There is also a good selection of talented photographers interested in building up a portfolio of shibari/kinbaku work on a TFCD basis.

Rope Models

We intend to have a location specifc database for models interested in rope centric work.


If any of these roles appeal to you please contact Jade Rope to be entered into our database.


Are you looking to learn Shibari, Kinbaku or Hojojutsu

If you are seeking professional guidence, mentorship or tuturing in rope please see our rope bondage training secton.