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  1. Discover the Charm of Tossa Jute

    tossa jute rope setRa & Joe discuss the 'charm' that can be found in high quality jute ropes.

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  2. My new favorite rope - Tossa Lite

    Single hank of Tossa LiteNoble talks about why he thinks he's finally found the rope that best suits his style of tying - Tossa-Lite

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  3. Tossa: A story of Jute Rope Fibre

    tossa-jute-fibresIn the last few years, tossa (a variety of jute fibre) has come to the forefront of rope bondage. Jute has always been a strong contender for the elusive title of ‘best type of rope’. Now the right to the label of \'best rope\' is being fought between white jute and golden jute...

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