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  1. Officially the Best Rope Store in the USA

    5th PlaceJade Rope USA placed 5th out of 33 international nominations, claiming the honour of being the highest voted rope store in this years Bondage Awards.

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  2. Best Rope Store

    5th PlacePlacing 5th amoungst 33 global nominations Jade Rope has enjoyed the honour of becoming the highest voted rope store in the 2012 Bondage Awards.

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  3. Best Bondage Store Award for 2012

    2012 Bondage Store MedalsJade Rope is in the running for Best Bondage Store Award.  This year the competiton is strong so we are asking everyone who has enjoyed our rope to find a moment to vote once or twice.

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  4. Esinem's Natural Fibre Ropes Surge in Popularity

    Esinem with bunnyWith the launch of our new outlet in Australia, we've noticed a huge surge in sales of Esinem's Tossa Jute rope. This rope has proven a favourite for australian riggers, and we know why...

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  5. What is the Best Type of Rope

    Best Rope Bondage Bundle

    We are very pleased to announce that the competition was won by Vervon, who submitted this great image.

    We're also delighted to announce that Vervon's perfect bundle of rope, or her 'ideal' rope set consists of 100% natural braided hemp rope.

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