Jade Rope Europe now based in Czech Republic!

Nawashi-mugen & YaseeWe're delighted to announce two new team members: Ra. Panajotov and Joe Bart. A pair of experienced riggers who have both been actively pursuing Shibari/Kinbaku bondage for several years will now be opperating our new rope outlet based in Czech.

The level of interest in Jade Rope’s assortment of rope and rigging products has been slowly growing. Following the successful opening of branches in the United States and Australia, we are now expanding our quality customer services in Europe. This also means lower shipping costs to many of the EU member countries. It is our goal to continue to try and bring these costs down so everyone can obtain our quality rope for less. 

You can read more about our new team members here. We are delighted to have two accomplished riggers as part of our growing team.