The level of interest in Jade Rope’s assortment of rope and rigging products has been slowly growing. Following the successful opening of branches in the United States and Australia, we are now expanding our quality customer services in Europe.

Please allow us to introduce new team at Jade Rope Europe!

Ra. Panajotov and Joe Bart are a pair of experienced riggers who have both been actively pursuing Shibari/Kinbaku bondage for several years.

Joe Bart

Nawashi-mugen & YaseeA BDSM educator in Czech Republic since 2001, Joe started leading a large group focused on bondage, spanking and submission. In 2002, he discovered a number of Shibari photos online and - because of an existing interest in Japan culture – he soon found that Japanese style rope bondage had begun to take over as the focus in BDSM activities. This level of appreciation only deepened when after gradually learning many of the techniques of this art he discovering the inner connection and communication with the model. In 2006 Joe took the next step and made his first jute rope.

“The production itself - of making twisted ropes manually – re-discovering ancient techniques of production and drawing from my own experiences have had led me to a point where I made my first hand-coiled rope for Shibari and Kinbaku”.

Nowadays, Joe is known as a master rope artist. With his model Yasei they're introducing people to the beauty of Shibari and Kinbaku, through workshops and face to face meetings.

“It is an honour for me that my hobby now became my job and I am very thankful to Jade Rope for giving me this chance. I can now pass many of my experiences to you.”

Ra Panajotov

Starting in his early 20s, Ra describes his fascination with rope as “realising that I felt most alive occupying that narrow line where rope on a woman’s body stands divided between erotism and art, bordering on passion and tenderness, dominance and submission, where the scene can be taken in any direction.” 

Attending a bondage festival in 2007, Ra was intrigued enough to buy his first set of ropes, but at that time didn’t know how much rope would influence his life in the future. After few bondage festivals and many sessions with his dear young ladies, Ra found that a local bondage community had just started  forming. This quickly accelerated into some amazing bndg-partys and – having meet Joe within this scene – the first step towards having Jade Rope Europe based here in Czech was made.

“I am proud to cooperating with Jade Rope which gives me an opportunity to recast the business experiences I collected in my previous activities, and do it in my way of passion. The way of rope, the way of freedom.”