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Premium Rope Supplies

Jade Rope offers the finest quality of natural Hemp, Jute and other popular rope options for the Shibari, Kinbaku or Hojojutsu enthusiast.

We aim to be your number one resource and first preference when ordering rope for bondage or restraint.

An enduring pillar of the rope community, Jade Rope has long provided quality rope and accesories for all styles of erotic rope bondage.
Beginner and advanced, students of Shibari can rely on their consistent and durable natural ropes, rivaling in feel and aesthetic any rope I have found in Japan.

Ash Snare

ZenRope studio founder

Our confidence in Jade Rope is best expressed in this image. Here, we used 6mm Osaka jute from Jade Rope. Zero Gi is inverted about 20 feet off the ground over concrete. No level of skill and technique would give us confidence without starting with quality rope as our raw material. Jade Rope’s Osaka jute balances our needs for strong, soft, fast, and light rope.

Sam, Gigi & Beyti

Street Shibari in NYC

Jade Rope Premium Rope Supplier


Specifics regarding rope strength are maximum loading based on brand new rope. Safe loading is significantly less. Always check your rope for wear and tear.