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Rope Bondage FAQs & Nawa-Go Blogspot

Jade Rope maintains Nawa-Go - the "Language of Rope" blog to provide rope enthusiests with current news and intereting information on the world of rope bondage.

Please also enjoy our Rope FAQs below:

All About Rope


Hints and Tips on Rope Length

Unless you desire to stay true to the traditional 7 metre (23ft) utilised in Hojojutsu, length is best determined by two factors:

  1. The person you are planning to tie
    Larger bodies will require more rope, and smaller bodies less rope to complete the same binding.
  2. The type of tie you wish to carry out
    Some ties – like wrist bindings – can be completed with a piece of rope only 1.5 metres (5ft) long, whilst full body ties can demand 21 metres (69ft).

Even western nawashi (rope artist1) who prescribe to traditional methods recommend that the standard 7 metre rope length is extended to 8 metres to allow the person tying to complete ties on western body shapes; rather than risk running out of rope.

1. Nawashi actually means ‘maker of rope’. In Japanese SM circles it is used to identify particularly experienced masters who have undergone years of formal training in Hojojutsu. In the west the term was first popularised to mean ‘rope artist’ and many riggers who have practiced shibari or kinbaku for even a short period of time will refer to themselves - or others who practice rope based bondage - as nawashi. Whilst this is strictly incorrect in the culture that gave rise to the term, a decade of use outside of Japan means that ‘nawashi’ is more commonly used to refer to someone who practices Japanese influenced bondage.   

Hints and Tips on Rope Diameter

The main benefit for utilising a wider diameter of rope is that the extra thickness enables pressure to be dispersed across a larger section of skin. This greatly assists in preventing possible harmful situations. However, it is really only Fusion (western bondage) that chooses diameters of rope above 8mm.

The traditionally influenced disciplines of Shibari and Kinbaku achieve this distribution of pressure by typically tying with rope lengths doubled back upon themselves. This way a 5mm rope actually covers a 10mm area and if a second turn is utilised this is built out to 20mm.

The disadvantage of utilising a wider diameter of rope is the greater diameter increases the size of knots. Consider that a knot normally occupies three to four thicknesses of rope. If you triple 5mm you have 15mm; triple a 10mm diameter rope and you’re looking at knots of 30mm or more. This can actually be extremely uncomfortable for the person being tied and is also less visually impressive.

Is One Kind of Rope better than another?

In certain circumstances there are better choices of rope, however, it is important to clarify that both the rigger’s intent and the desired tie/technique being utilised impact on which qualities define a rope as being more or less suitable to a particular use.

For example, cotton is not a great choice for suspension because it is weaker than the other natural fibre ropes and it tends to jam knots when they are placed under load. If you are only looking at ground based ties cotton may be preferable over synthetic rope because it will not cause rope burn as easily, and it has a warmer natural feel.

The same arguments can be made even when excluding the type of rope fibre. Twisted rope is often criticised because in some complex ties the rope strands can open (twist apart) while braided rope is more secure. While this is a benefit for braided rope many players enjoy the pattern that twisted rope leaves on the skin after it is untied – the admiration of which can form a significant part of experience of being bound.   

What Kind of Rope should I buy?

There are many types of rope fibres that are good for bondage, and ultimately, as you become more experienced you will develop your own preferences. If, however, you are a beginner Jade Rope only offers rope that is ideal for bondage. Peruse our rope products for sale to learn their individual qualities and find out what might suit you best.

We recommend you avoid the following types of rope:

  • Sisil Rope
    Sisil is extremely weak, and does not condition well. You will have a stiff, scratchy rope until it falls apart. 
  • Manila Hemp (this is not actually hemp at all).
    A lot of cheaper ‘100% hemp rope’ on the market is actually this ‘manila hemp’ which is actually banana plant and not as strong as proper hemp, and manila will not last as long.
  • Polypropylene Rope – unless it is MFP (multi-filament polypropylene).
    While multifilament polypropylene is a nice choice for bondage, polypropylene can be manufactured very cheaply and non-mfp rope has an extremely plastic feel. It also isn’t very flexible and will not hold knots well.


Ordering & Payment

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