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  1. The Hidden Risks of Learning Suspension Too Fast

    People are drawn to the excitement of suspension bondage, and, understandably, the new riggers want to attain the skills to do rope suspensions as soon as they can. However, in most cases I think newbie riggers are attempting these advanced ties before they have the adequate skills, knowledge, and experience...

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  2. Slings for Suspension

    Coiled Black 16mm SlingSlings are fast being adopted as the perfect solution for creating strong, temporary rigging points for kinbaku and shibari suspensions.

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  3. A Best Selling Suspension Ring

    Best Suspension Ring Our Mini Suspension Ring has launched into the Number 1 Best Seller position for our rigging equipment. The ring now also has the honour of being our 6th highest selling product. 

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  4. Beserk Clothing All Tied Up

    Beserk clothing in suspensionJade Rope recently had the opportuntiy to work with Beserk, a great anti fashion clothing label in Brisbane, Australia. The ensuing photoshoot was a lot of fun!

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